MARY-LOU MANIZER aka „the luminizer” 


               Today i decided to do my first review on a make-up product, yaaay! I’m talking about this highlighter from ‘the Balm cosmetics’. If you’re looking for a highlighter or want a new one i hope this post will help you. I will talk about the things that i consider important in a product: quality, price, packaging… 

So ‘the luminizer’ is a highlighter but you can also use it as eyeshadow (especially for the inner corner of your eyes & on the brow bone). 

The quality is amazing. It is pigmented so a little goes a long way. (In other words you will have it in your make-up bag/collection for a long time) *but each product has an expiration date so keep that in mind. (We don’t want breakouts or acne, no no) 🙈

The packaging is very unique & colorful and when you open the highlighter you have a mirror inside so you can easily touch up your make-up anywhere you are. 😄

The price is acceptable in my opinion, it is 60 RON / 13 euro. It’s not the cheapest highlighter but it’s worth the money, your face is going to be glowy af ! 💕💕

I swatched the highlighter for you to see how it looks like: 

& below i leave a few make-up looks where i used this highlighter 💓 

Thank you for reading & i would love to know what is your favorite highlighter & if you tried this one and what do you think about it! 

Have a lovely day! 💕

Kisses, Yvi


In the middle of nowhere

I love weekends like this! Me and my boyfriend jumped in the car & he started to drive… i had no idea where are we going , so it was exciting. In the end we arrived to a really nice place. We could see the city from there so i said that we need to take some pictures, obviously. 

 The weather was nice & we got to see the sunset too so we took the camera and we managed to get some cool photos… (we are not professionals but we enjoy making pictures and i think this is what matters right?! )

We had fun, we always do. That’s why i love him. ❤



I did some black & white editing too… ❤


And here is the sunset…


PS.: I posted my outfit on lookbook so if you would like to check it out, here you have it: 

White + navy blue jacket  🙂


Never go too long without watching a sunset. – atticus


Glam make-up look

A few weeks ago my mom finished a make-up course & she had the oportunity to bring a person to a free photo shooting. Of course i was excited when she told me  and i ‘volunteered’ right away! 😀 Who would not want good quality pictures taken by a proffesional right?! I sure did! *I think my mom would have chosen me anyway, hihi. 

So when we arrived there, the people from the hair styling course did each „models” hair. The woman who made my hair, i can’t remember her name unfortunately, chose to curl my hair & do an elegant bun. (i had so many bobby pins in my hair) I liked the hairstyle but in my opinion maybe loose elegant curls would have been enough. Anywaaay, after my hair was done my mom did my make-up. She choosed to do a night out make-up with brown eyeshadows, a classic cateye & red lipstick. Red lips will never go out of style. ❤  She didn’t contoured heavily and she applied just a little blush because she wanted a more natural look for me. Sometimes less is more

So here are a few pictures from the shooting! (i have to mention that i am not the most photogenic person & i’m not a model either, but i definitely enjoyed the shooting)

0008 - EstetikaProfessionals - 26.02.20160018 - EstetikaProfessionals - 26.02.20160028 - EstetikaProfessionals - 26.02.20160049 - EstetikaProfessionals - 26.02.20160088 - EstetikaProfessionals - 26.02.2016

0090 - EstetikaProfessionals - 26.02.2016

Top: Orsay

Earrings: H&M

Gel eyeliner: L’oreal

Red lipstick: NYX, shade nr 536

Keep your heels, head & standards high. – Coco Chanel


My favorite nail designs

So for this blog post i decided to talk about my favorite nail designs! I looove doing my nails. Happily, i was blessed with natural strong ones so i don’t need to use false nails or gel nails. I enjoy doind different designs by myself so i don’t go to the salon very often. 

Before doing my nails i always get inspiration from pinterest, tumblr & weheatit. I love to keep my eyes on the new trends and i sometimes recreate them. When doing my nails i keep in mind that sometimes „less is more” so usually i like to use only 1 or 2 colors. (but it really depends on the design that i’m doing)

I love simetry, contrast and minimalistic designs. I love having fun with it & combining nail polish textures, for example matt nail polish with glitter nail polish. I also love the black & white combinations. Matt nails are in big trend right now and i love them! Also, grey matte nails are my favoooorites! I was so happy two months ago when i saw the OPI nail polishes on sale so i didn’t hesitate and i bought a grey one in the shade „i Vant to Be A-Lone Star”. 



TIP: If you like matt nail polishes too but you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy every shade you want in matt, then i recomend you to buy a matifying top-coat. It’s very easy: you do your nails with your favorite nail polish, you let it dry & then you aply one coat of the matifying one, you let it dry and woila! Your nails are matt !   *I bought mine from Flormar.

So here are a few of my nail polish designs, i hope you like them! ❤                                                    

1.Simple but elegant nails: perfect for any occasions! You can complete a look like that with one or two beautiful rings.


2.Caviar nails: these were also in trend last year and i love it. I think this look is perfect for a night out, for example for a cocktail party!

caviar nails

3.Black & white: stylish and elegant.


4.Nude matt nails+gold glitter: simple&beautiful.


5. Mixing textures: matt grey nails + shine&glitter (my favorite).


PS.: I get my nail polishes from: OPI, Rimmel London & Flormar. 

Kisses, Yvi.

A woman is helpless only while her nail polish is drying. 

Winter clothing haul

Damn, i loooove shopping! But who doesn’t right?!  So i went to the mall a few weeks ago and i found some really awesome pieces! I was looking for essencial pieces for winter and i think i found them! I was also looking for clothes that i can pair with almost everything, so i had a circle of 3 ‘colors’  in mind: white, black and grey. Every time i shop for clothes i am looking for 3 main things: the quality, the design and the price. I think that i found all of them in these items so i thought i may share them on my blog and maybe i can inspire someone. And of course i would love to be inspired by you so please let me know in the coments what is your favorite shop and your favorite clothing piece that you bought this winter ! That way we can inspire each other! (my favorite piece is the bag that you will see bellow, i looove it! If you are not looking for designer bags or you can’t aford one, like me, then that bag is perfect for you too.)

So i leave a few pictures with my new clothes down below and if you want to know other details about these items you can leave your questions in the coments!

1.Comfy grey cardigan, Orsay 



2. Fancy top, Orsay



3. Furry vest, Bershka



4. White bag, Bershka (my favorite)


5. The most comfortable shoes i own now, Bershka




Buy now or cry later. 

Kisses, Yvi.



This is my make-up for the #getthelondonlook contest! Wish me luck guys! 


On the official site for Rimmel London you can find all your favourite Rimmel products, make up tutorials, beauty news, exclusive features and more. Make sure to check it out and fill your beauty bag with some good quality products! 


Kisses, Yvi.

My top 10 drugstore beauty products

makeup pallette n brushes

               Every girl and woman gives a big importance to beauty and self care. Of course, the amount of time each one of us dedicate to that part of our life is slightly different. Just to be sure that i’m not being misunderstood, i truly believe that real beauty comes from the inside! But besides that, i think that it’s important to take care of our appearance and to embrace our inner beauty.

                Everyone has different quallities and ‘imperfections’ -such as ‘weird’ birthmarks and little skin marks- but i think that those make us even more special: i consider those a part of each persons signature.

                 So, going back to the main reason of this post. I like to take care of myself and my appearance and i’m really passionate about beauty and make-up. I tried a few drugstore make-up products along the way but i always tend to stick to a few ones. In my everyday make-up routine i like to be sure that the products i use are good quallity, not too expensive and also easy to aply. (I’m not having lots of time every day for that, unfortunately)  So i made a list with my most used beauty products and i hope that maybe this is usefull for some of you! ~Kisses

1. Foundation: my favorite one is the ‘Wake me up’ by Rimmel London. I love it because it gives me great coverage but it doesn’t look like you would have a mask on. Good for everyday use, my opinion.


2. Concealer: my favorite concealer is of course the ‘Wake me up’ from Rimmel London. It works amazing along with the ‘Wake me up ‘ foundation. No blemishes, no under eye circles. That’s all i need.


3. Powder: my favorite one is the ‘Stay Matte Pressed Powder’ from the same brand. I always need a little powder because i have oily skin…and of course to set my foundation & concealer. No more ‘shiny’ face!

RIMMEL LONDON Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder

4.Eyebrow gel: the eyebrow gel that i used a lot is the one from ASTOR ‘Seduction Codes’. I like it because it is transparent so i aply it after i do my brows and it’s just perfect to set my brows. 

Astor Spring Collection Seduction Codes No1 Brow Gel

5.Eyebrows: i love the ‘Brow this way’ eyebrow kit. it is all you need: 2 shades of brown +2 tiny brushes (TIP: If you are blonde you have to choose your eyebrow colors 2 shades darker tham your hair color and if you have a dark hair color you need to choose the colors 2 shades lighter.)

brow this way eyebrow gel

6.Bronzer: the bronzer i bought again & again is the ‘Bronzing Powder’ from MaxFactor in the shade 02. I simply love it. *If you have dry skin you should use a cream or liquid based bronzer.



7.Blush: i like the ‘Lasting Finish’ one from Rimmel London. I prefer peachy blush shades more than the pinky ones. (but it really depends on the ocasion and the mood i’m in. *hihi)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush

8.Eyeliner: i mostly use the eyeliner gel kit from Rimmel London. With a little practice you can get a very precise look. *all for that perfect cateye right?! (my favorite look will always be the cateye. It’s glamourous but in the same time it’s a look that you can wear everyday, paired with a nude/light brown eyeshadow)

eyeliner gel yes

9.Mascara: my favorite one is the ‘New York Volum Express Turbo Boost Mascara’ from Maybelline. It makes my lashes sooo long and it doesn’t give you that „spider legs efect” like other mascaras do. So it’s a 10/10 for me!

Maybelline New York Volum Express Turbo Boost Mascara

10.Lips: the one thing that i always carry in my purse or pocket is my Babylips. I love it: simple,cute,effective! It makes my lips so moisturised and it has a little pigment too so it looks beautiful on the lips. The day i live the house without it has to be a really bad day…:D  My favorite is ‘Cherry me’ !

maybelline babylips

So these are my favorite everyday makeup products!! Hope you liked my little list. ^^

Just wing it, life, eyeliner, everything.

Kisses, Yvi~